Amazing Tricks to Get Your Ex to talk To You Again

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In the modern era, everyone faces this situation that the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend might have re4fused to talk to you. It does not mean you want them back. The fact is getting them to talk to you not a difficult thing. In this case, if you want to talk with them back, you have to find out the reason for stopping to talk to you.

Reasons for Being Ignored by Ex

The first thing you do is why your ex is ignoring you and what you have done to him or her. You have to ask these questions yourself that will help you to avoid doing those mistakes again. The common reason of why your ex is ignoring you are the listed below.

  • You may bombard him via text or call
  • They want to gain control over you
  • Remembering all those fights since their relationship starts
  • Sometimes, they want to apply the no contact rule and trying to move on.

Here are the best tips to getting your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to talk to you first that may help you to want them back as well.

  1. No Contact Rule

The general rule of getting ex to speak to you again is to stop forcing them. When you stop forcing them, they will try to contact you. In this case, you have to do some little crazy things like angry phone calls, texts, mean FB messages, etc. you have to try this trick in getting back your ex to talk to you. As well as, you should keep your distance to get your ex to fall for you again. You don’t text them first and not respond to the message from them for some days.

  1. The Tortoise effect

Have you ever heard of the tortoise proverb? “Slow and Steady wins the Race” You have to apply this term into your current scenario that means not to get a continuous chat with your ex. You have to move your coin step by step that means start with one text per day or two days. It makes your ex comfortable talking to you and then their comfort level will be gradually increased with you again.

getting ex to talk to you

  1. Priming the Ideal Image through Social Media

One of the best weapons you can use of getting ex to talk to you is Social Media, which is the direct way to get your ex to talk to you first. Social media will help you to cultivate the ideal image of yourself. For example, you can make a possessiveness by creating a private Facebook group.

Moreover, the above-mentioned things will help you to increase the chance of a response from your ex and you have to do all that you can. So, take those tips to implement it today. Remember that you won’t force your ex and you have to take steps to get your ex back with you. It takes some time.

This will help you to make your ex to talk to you first.