Do Women like Guys who have Long Hair?

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Hair is considered as reflective of society’s trends. The hair length is to mesh with religious views. Style makes something and it takes nothing.

Mostly boys believe that having long hair gives them an attractive and romantic look. Maybe it is true which is depending on the girls. Not every guy are good and grand with long hair, but some others need a haircut.

There is something about men with long hair, whether it is confidence, determination to succeed, self-esteem, a little bit different from the other, but whatever it may, be some girls still love men who have long hair. On the other hand, some girls hate guys with long hair for some reasons and never accept those guys.

girls like long hair on guys

The option of Long Hair on Guys

Women look like a princess with long hair. Just like women, men also have a few standard options. It includes,

  1. The Punk

It will create an amazing appearance.

  1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is the most popular option for men who have blond hair. As well as, it represents the sex symbol of two centuries.

If you maintain your locks on a regular basis, you can get the girl’s attention easily.

  1. Afro Style

It is not famous as compared to Brad Pitt. Some men choose for creating something, which is equal on their heads, and it looks daunting.

  1. The Romantic

This option achieves the highest rank with their long hair. The maintenance of the romantic option is tough and it will require frequent touchups.

  1. Thor

Thor looks like the combination of the romantic and the knight in shining armor. It has long wavy layered hair.

Why girls like long hair on guys?

Nowadays, not all the person are patient to take care of their long hair. The major key of amazing long hair is maintenance. Most of the people asks do girls like men with long hair. The truth is it depends on the girl’s preferences and the guy’s personality. This means some girls like guys with long hair while others hate those guys who have long hair.

Here are the reasons why girls like long hair on guys.

  • Manly- a man with long hair looks manly
  • It’s Mysterious
  • Having long hair shows a creative side
  • Look smart at all dressed up and even dressed down
  • Looks grand with a perfect pair of shoulders
  • Always Photogenic
  • Shows men can commit

Especially, guys with long hair are extremely beautiful with bangs. Having long hair with layers looks very stylish and you can wash easily as compared to long non-layered hair.

Moreover, mostly guys who have long hair is really awesome and they won’t be afraid to explore something. Most women like guys with long hair because they have a certain amount of confidence as a man. Mostly, girls prefer long hair especially hair between shoulder and chin and it is kept looking healthy and offer them more romantic, grand, funny and attractive.